• Services



    We will make optimal proposals with apparel design expertise and new perspectives. We propose a plan to drop your "ideal" to "product".



    We will print with reliable experience and high technology. We will realize "ideal product" with various expressive techniques and high reproducibility.

  • Order flow

    Please contact for us

    Please tell us the items, design image, use etc.

    Even if details are not decided, please do not hesitate to consult us first.


    We will make the initial proposal​


    We propose design ideas, incentive items, estimates etc from us.

    Based on that, please tell us further requests, such as wanting to change more, want to see other items as well.

    we suggest a correction


    Based on further requests from you , we will propose the plan we revised again.

    I will continue to talk to you many times until your ideals are reflected in the product..


    After completion of design, We will confirm your order

    Once the design is completed, we will confirm the order details such as item size, quantity, delivery date, destination etc.

    After payment is confirmed, we will deliver​ the products


    After confirming payment, craftsmen put in a fine print and deliver the finished product to the customer.